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Atomic Web Browser Removed From App Store - Here's Why

Atomic Web Browser Removed From App Store - Here's Why

March 12, 2011
Recently, Atomic Web Browser was removed from the App Store. According to the developer, Apple removed the app due to the use of private APIs. After initially giving the developer a deadline to remove the offending APIs, Apple decided to pull the app the next day. The news comes in an e-mail sent to Italian blog, iSpazio (Google Translate). Here's what the app's developer had to say about Atomic Web Browser's removal from the App Store:
It was pulled for using private APIs. I received a call on Monday stating I had to remove the API by Friday or the app could be pulled. Then it was pulled on Tuesday. I guess someone changed their mind.
If you've been looking for Atomic Web Browser in the App Store recently and haven't been able to find it, this is why. Apple does not allow developers to use private APIs in their iOS applications. However, if Atomic Web Browser's developer can remove the offending APIs, the app may again be available in the App Store. We'll keep you posted.

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