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New Notification Watch Is Awesome - Coming Soon To iOS?

New Notification Watch Is Awesome - Coming Soon To iOS?

March 23, 2011
The recently released inPulse Smartwatch is a new, digital wristwatch that can link with a BlackBerry or Android smart phone - meaning users will never be out of touch with their mobile handset. However, the wristwatch - which is available starting at $149 - could serve as an "alerting platform" for iOS devices, too, via a yet-to-be-developed jailbreak application. As you can see in the video below, the "smart watch" can put all the information you need, right on your wrist. It connects with BlackBerry and Android smart phones out of the box (after downloading an app to your handset), and can act as an "alerting platform" that you carry around on your wrist. However, most importantly: On Pulse Smartwatch's website, its developer notes that a "jailbroken iPhone" could link with the wristwatch:
An alerting platform, connected to your smartphone (Android, Blackberry, Jailbroken iPhone) or PC (Mac OS X, Windows, Ubuntu).
Over the years, we've seen a variety of "iWatch" concepts - many of which flooded the Web when Apple announced the new iPod nano, back in September. However, this is the first time we've witnessed something that could actually work - something I could see myself using on a day to day basis. Essentially, this is an area Apple should be looking into: Who wouldn't want to wear a "smart watch" on their wrist, via which you could check email, Facebook, Twitter, and send and receive SMS messages? I know I would - and I'm sure many of our readers would, too. Apple has revolutionized the computer, the smart phone, and the tablet - now, it's time for the wristwatch. However, it could take the Cupertino, CA company some time to get the formula "just right." Until then, here's hoping a clever jailbreak developer buys an inPulse Smartwatch, creates a suitable application for iOS, and makes it available via the Cydia Store. Because if someone does, I'll not only buy a $149 wristwatch - I'll also jailbreak my iPhone (which is saying something). Let us know your thoughts on the inPulse Smartwatch in the comments. For more information, check out the videos below, or head over to the wristwatch's official website.

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