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Camera+ Gains Clarity: Better Photos Or Marketing Gimmick?

Camera+ Gains Clarity: Better Photos Or Marketing Gimmick?

March 29, 2011
One of the top selling photography apps in the App Store, Camera+ has received an update. It now includes a process called Clarity, which its creators claim will make our photos better than ever. Is this actually true or is it just a slick marketing gimmick? Created by tap tap tap, Camera+ has consistently been an incredible app, long before Instagram and Hipstamatic began making waves. As such, Camera+ has always ranked near or at the top of the photography charts in the App Store. As I write, for example, Camera+ is  the top selling photography app and fifth most popular app overall. Clarity, as defined by its creators:
Analyzes your photos and makes several intelligent adjustments that magically bring out details and breathe life into dull photos. There’s no need to futz with complicated and confusing controls… behind the scenes, we do all that and more for you through innovative “smart-processing”.
Sure the text above is syrupy, at best. Still, is it actually true? Take a look at these two photos, which I snapped in my kitchen: The first was taken using Apple's own Camera App:

Using Apple's Camera App

The second was taken using Camera+ with Clarity:

Using Camera+ With Clarity

As you can see, the photo taken using Camera+ is remarkably clear and crisp, and it seems to come to life. This was only a picture of a mixer; imagine the photos you could take using Camera+ on your next vacation or sporting event! Camera+ has always taken amazing pictures; thanks to Clarity, these photos look even better. Take a look at this funny video:

Due to its latest release, Camera+ is available for just $.99 for a limited time in the App Store. Get it today!

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