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Enlightened File Management With Zen Viewer HD

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Zen Viewer HD ($2.99) by The Skins Factory, Inc. is a full featured file viewer and reader with a touch of class, and some neat tricks up its sleeve. And, it just had an amazing update.

There are many apps out there for document viewing, and photo sharing. Music and video players also abound. But, no app I have seen can manage them all, and do so with style.

Zen Viewer HD imports your docs in a variety of efficient ways and displays them in landscape or portrait mode. I like landscape; you get a lovely two column view allowing you to create and manage the contents of multiple folders effortlessly.

The app comes with six beautiful skins included and more are available to download at a small cost. But, Zen Viewer is not just a prettier GoodReader.

Zen Viewer HD by The Skins Factory, Inc. screenshot

Zen Viewer HD can “read” almost anything you throw at it including, but not limited to: PDF, EPUB, DOC, XLS, HTM, HTML, XMl, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, M4A, MP3, WAV, MOV, MP4, M4V, and dozens more file types

With so many features and functions you might expect Zen Viewer to be complicated, but the GUI is more than just eye pleasing, it is very intuitive.

And, there are so many tips, and so much in-app help, it really is a breeze to file, sort, and preview your documents.

Zen Viewer HD also comes with a plethora of file loading and sharing methods from Wi-Fi and iTunes file sharing to Dropbox, MobileMe, and even via direct download.

You can also record audio notes, and I love having the ability to compress large folders and files.

Zen Viewer is one of the best document previewers I have seen, but not always the best file viewer. I still prefer GoodReader for reading PDF’s and VLC Media Player for video playback.

Zen Viewer HD by The Skins Factory, Inc. screenshot

But, The Skins Factory are neither arrogant nor restrictive. The new “open in” feature now allows you to use any app you have installed to access documents or playback media. This stroke of genius turned this from a good option, to a must-have app.

This update also incorporates AirPlay to let you stream your visual media to and from anywhere you have it set up.

With these new features, I am hoping Zen Viewer HD will soon support more video file-types. AVI and MKV would be welcome, especially when using AirPlay to view video on larger screens.

The only frustration I had was that I couldn’t import an entire folder from my Mac or Evernote. I had to load files individually then a do a bit of busywork re-filing everything.

It’s worth the effort, and based on how responsive The Skins Factory has been to user feedback, I won’t be surprised to find folder uploading in an update soon.

Zen Viewer HD, ultimately provides a single app solution, a gorgeous one at that, for those who carry and share a lot of data and docs. It makes finding your files simple, even pleasant, and the robust search function is always there to help.

If you find your iPad cluttered with scattered documents, data, and media files, Zen Viewer HD is an elegant all-in-one solution sure to simplify your iPad and your life.

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Enlightened File Management With Zen Viewer HD

Enlightened File Management With Zen Viewer HD