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Evernote App Has Fresh New Interface, More Features

Evernote for the iPhone/iPod touch, the respected and popular note taking app, has received a new interface with its latest release. It also includes a number of new functions that makes it faster, easier to use, and a more essential tool for its users. The application debuted on the day the App Store opened as a way to save simple notes, which are automatically saved to the website. From there, the notes can be accessed and edited on the web, or by using free Evernote applications for the iPad, Mac or PC. With the 4.0 update, iPhone app's note taking features have grown significantly.

The new Home Screen and Snippet View helps maximize the amount of information presented in a small amount of space. The snippets are determined by what type of information is included in the note. If it contains only text, the app will show the title of the note and as much text as will fit in the snippet. If the note contains text and other forms of content like a photo, some text and a thumbnail will show up in the snippet.

Also included is an improved New Note screen, which is missing the tiled look of previous versions. Taping the big plus icon creates a split screen. The top half is a standard text entry area. On the lower half, it’s easy to attach images from the iPhone’s camera roll, a new snapshot, tags or denote from where in the world the note was taken. You can also record up to 90 minutes of audio and attach it to a single note. This is userful for taking notes at meetings or lectures.

Here is a video:

As much as I liked Evernote on its initial release, I grew tired of it. I found it became boring compared to other note taking apps on the market. However, this latest release makes it fresh again. Best of all, Evernote for iPhone remains free in the App Store.

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Evernote App Has Fresh New Interface, More Features

Evernote App Has Fresh New Interface, More Features