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Skyfire 3.0 For iPhone: More Video, More Social, More Searchable

Skyfire 3.0 For iPhone: More Video, More Social, More Searchable

March 3, 2011
Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone ($2.99) has just received a major update. Now, users of the app can enjoy version 3.0, which brings support for Flash video from more websites, and more advanced social network integration. Here's how Skyfire has improved the social aspect of its application: First, a "Popular Content" feature allows users of the application to view content their Facebook friends think is most interesting. Recommendations made by your friends are displayed, along with recommendations made by the entire Facebook community, though your friends' recommendations are displayed at the top of the "Popular Content" list. Next, a "Fireplace Feed Reader" allows users to quickly view webpages, images, and videos posted in their Facebook news feed. Similarly, "Facebook Portal Integration" gives Skyfire users speedy access to their Facebook feed, profile, and to Facebook Places. On every webpage you view within the application, Skyfire has added a "Facebook Like" button. By clicking on the "SkyBar Like Button," you can easily "like" or "unlike" a webpage you view from within the app. Furthermore, a "Skyfire OneTouch Search" feature allows users to enter a single search term, and "choose between Google, Video (from VideoSurf), or Wikipedia with a single touch." This is definitely a handy feature, and one Skyfire fans will undoubtedly appreciate. Currently, Skyfire Web Browser for iPhone is available to download for $2.99. Check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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