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Does Apple's Mail App For iPad Have A Subject Line Caching Bug?

Does Apple's Mail App For iPad Have A Subject Line Caching Bug?

April 30, 2011
With so many users and so many configurations, iDevice owners are bound to come across some strange software bugs or glitches. Earlier today, we received a tip for one such oddity that I can admit to never hearing about before; a Mail phenomenon that stamps the wrong subject line into emails. Sharing his heard-scratching moment through a post on his blog, Chris Chaten explains his run-in with Apple's own Mail app for the iPad displaying incorrect subject lines when viewing messages in threaded email stacks.
As I was catching up on emails this evening on my iPad 2, I uncovered an odd defect affecting subject lines in the email app. When I was reading through an email thread for the upcoming JDRF Kentucky Derby party*, I noticed the subject line was off.
Two of the three photos he included in the post indeed show different subject text in the email message versus the mail message list. Based on his description, the bug or glitch seems to be a caching issue, using a previously received and viewed message's subject within the currently selected email and showing the correct subject in the messages list. Thinking it was just a one time occurrence, Chris did another test to confirm his finding.
I was able to recreate the scenario by visiting another email, and then switching to the JDRF thread. See below the improper subject line of “Re: You guys in town 5/6 weekend?”:
I attempted to create this abnormality on my own iPad 2, however, I was not greeted with any improper subject text. I jumped from a non-threaded message to a threaded message group and a threaded to a threaded group, all while trying to avoid replied messages since Chris stated, "It doesn’t carry over incorrectly if you reply to the email." Have any of you experienced Mail issues on your iPads, or does Chris just have a lazy iOS tablet? [via Stodgy Blog]

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