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Army Of Darkness: Defense - An Upcoming iOS Game, Based On The Classic Movie

Army Of Darkness: Defense - An Upcoming iOS Game, Based On The Classic Movie

April 28, 2011
Army of Darkness: Defense is an upcoming iOS game, which is based on the 1992 cult classic movie, "Army of Darkness." The game will be available for the iPhone and iPod touch ($0.99), and also for the iPad ($2.99). According to its press release, Army of Darkness: Defense will feature over 150 lines of dialogue from the movie, "50 initial levels," and one endless level that gamers can unlock. More features of the app, as outlined in its press release, include:
  • The camera centers on Ash as you move him back and forth while defending the castle, but it is a classic castle defense game inasmuch as you continually need to summon troops to help you and upgrade items with gold collected throughout the game and upon level completion
  • Ash upgradeable with health, damage, chainsaw, super boomstick, iron glove and spells (the wrong book, arrow volley, magic words, catapult volley and death coaster - all spells also upgradeable)
  • Available troops include peasants, swordsman, spearman, archer, sword boy, armored guard, wiseman, Arthur, horseman, Henry and torch boy.  All are upgradeable.
  • Available castle upgrades include Necronomicon, wall archers, wall catapults, smithy (to produce more iron faster) and, of course, The Pit
  • Deadite enemies include cross-bow skeleton, flute and drummer skeletons, sword skeleton, spear skeleton, hammer/mace/axe skeletons, siege shield skeletons, knight skeleton, horseback skeletons, witch, flying Necronomicon, driad, evil sheila, pit monster and evil Ash - all from the movie
If you're a fan of the film - or just an avid iOS gamer - this is undoubtedly an app to watch out for. As mentioned, it'll be available to download on May 12 for all of Apple's iOS devices ($0.99 and $2.99). We've included some screenshots below for you to check out, and you can also watch a gameplay video over at Vimeo. Take a look at the screenshots, and let us know if you're excited in the comments. [gallery columns="2"]

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