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Cloud2go: Access Your CloudApp Account, On The Go!

Cloud2go: Access Your CloudApp Account, On The Go!

April 26, 2011
Cloud2go is a handy application for the iPhone and iPod touch ($2.99) that allows users to access their CloudApp account from an iOS device. The app gives users full access to their CloudApp account, allowing users to view items already synced to CloudApp, or to add items via their iOS device's camera or clipboard. Here's a full list of features, taken from the application's release notes:
  • Upload existing files from your pasteboard or photo library
  • Capture photos and videos with your camera and upload them
  • Add files from any app that supports document interaction to your CloudApp account (see screenshots for example in Mail)
  • Skim through your uploads while viewing their content
  • Swipe an item to quickly delete, update, share, or copy it
  • View images, text, videos, PDFs, Office and iWorks documents within the app and listen to uploaded music
  • Full multitasking support: Finish uploads or syncing in the background and switch fast between apps
  • Save images and videos from your CloudApp account to your photo library
  • Search your complete library
  • Share files via e-mail
  • Delete or restore existing items
  • Rename existing items
  • Change the privacy of existing items
  • Complete copy & paste support
  • Full landscape support
Furthermore, the latest version of the app (1.1) adds faster syncing and improved navigation to the application - meaning it's better than ever! If you're a fan of CloudApp, you should definitely take a look at this application. As mentioned, Cloud2go is currently available to download for $2.99 in the App Store. Check it out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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