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Exclusive: Hulu Plus Update Eliminates HDMI Mirroring

Exclusive: Hulu Plus Update Eliminates HDMI Mirroring

April 29, 2011
Just hours after reporting Hulu, the online media service, had released a new update for its universal Hulu Plus app, a problem has been reported. Even though the Version 2.3 update only offers minimal improvements, it also disallowed HDMI mirroring capabilities for iPad 2 owners. According to Tim Chaten, host of AppAdvice Live!, this functionality worked prior to the update. Now, it is gone. He states:
"Hulu Plus was one of the reasons people got excited about HDMI mirroring and the iPad 2. It worked and it worked great. Hulu has spit in their paid subscribers faces by taking this functionality away from them and continue to lie to them by saying we are working on adding it, which they have already said licensing restrictions forbid this"
Here is the screenshot:   Note that mirroring is supposed to be application independent. In other words, it's supposed work with all apps. Launched in July 2010, Hulu Plus offers streaming Hulu video content using Wi-Fi and 3G connections using an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. The service, which costs $7.99 per month, offers videos from numerous sources including Fox, NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Company, and more. With its Version 2.3 update, Hulu Plus now includes a dedicated Criterion menu, tabbed search results, and a simplified login screen. The free Hulu Plus app is available in the App Store. Are any other Hulu Plus users having this same problem? Let us know by using the comments below.

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