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Real Racing 2 HD 1080p Video-Out Update Is Now Available

Real Racing 2 HD 1080p Video-Out Update Is Now Available

April 21, 2011
As promised, Firemint has released an update to their acclaimed racing simulation title for iPad, Real Racing 2 HD, that adds a 1080p HD output capability for those running the game on an iPad 2. Along with providing gaming console-level graphics, Real Racing 2 HD v1.1 brings along some improvements to the overall experience. The new "Full HD" output capability consists of: • Full-screen, gorgeous 1080p visuals - No black borders - No scaling - full HD • Silky smooth 30 frames per second • Dual-screen racing - real time telemetry on your iPad 2 This truly is a big step in iOS gaming because other games can only be up-converted to 1080p when run on an iPad 2, but Firemint is going all out to make it a native-1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution at a more than reasonable 30 frames per second. Enhanced video output isn't the only Real Racing 2 HD perk for iPad 2 users; full HD video out compliments full-screen anti-aliasing, building window reflections, high-detail objects and surfaces, and fully-modeled vehicle interiors, plus the added control precision of the gyroscope. The experience is a bit different from a gaming console -- debatable whether that means good or bad -- with your iPad being the steering wheel and course information. Players can choose to keep all of the HUD elements active when using TV-out, or use your iPad as the sole source of speed, position, etc. I chose to keep the HUD and mini-map active because it's nice to know the upcoming turn without looking at my iPad. To take advantage of this upcoming feature, you will need an iPad 2, Apple Digital AV adapter, HDMI cable, and a 1080p-capable high-definition television. My 30 minute experiment with it turned out very well. There was no mentionable lag, no video or audio hiccups, and it looks good. I feel the need to point out players should attach the Digital AV Adapter once the game is running -- which you can seemingly even do mid-race. If you connect it on the iOS Home screen, the game video is mirrored -- intended for iPad 2 -- and doesn't switch to the dual-screen mode as it should. Additional improvements in Real Racing 2 HD v1.1 include: • Enhanced visuals for Alkeisha Island and San Arcana tracks on iPad 2 • Memory optimizations to minimize crashes • Various minor improvements and fixes Real Racing 2 HD is compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $9.99. Give us your opinion of this feature once you've had a chance to try it, and tell us if this update fixed the crashes some users were experiencing. [gallery link="file"]

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