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Attention, UK Apple Fans - MyGreatFest Jailbreak Event Involves Saurik, P0sixninja & More!

Attention, UK Apple Fans - MyGreatFest Jailbreak Event Involves Saurik, P0sixninja & More!

May 24, 2011
If you're an Apple fan living in the UK, we have some great news for you: An exciting, new all-day event called "MyGreatFest" is scheduled to take place in London later this year, and will feature talks from experienced jailbreak developers - including the famous Jay Freeman ("saurik") and Joshua Hill ("p0sixninja"). This brand new event is making its debut in London this September (09/17), before concentrating on bringing a similar event to North America and beyond. Furthermore, this year's line-up looks incredibly impressive - and has us very excited. Perhaps most importantly, two very influential jailbreak developers will be attending the event: Jay Freeman and Joshua Hill. Joshua Hill ("p0sixninja") is planning on giving a 40 minute talk, along with a five minute Q&A session (he's also giving a workshop, too), while "saurik" himself (Jay Freeman) has promised to give a one hour talk towards the end of the day, and will participate in a 10 minute Q&A session. Here's a complete list of speakers, taken from the event's official website:
The best news? AppAdvice will be covering the event. Which means that if you can't make MyGreatFest, we'll have all the news covered - along with interviews with Jay Freeman and Joshua Hill. And if you can attend the event, you'll get to hang out with AppAdvice (how awesome is that?). Tickets for MyGreatFest are retailing online for £27 (adult) and £16 (child). We're incredibly excited for this event, and hopefully our readers are, too. For more information, head over to the event's official website at, or follow the event on Twitter - @MyGreatFest. And let us know if you're attending MyGreatFest in the comments!

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