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Comcast Has Updated Xfinity TV, Crashing Issues Fixed

Comcast Has Updated Xfinity TV, Crashing Issues Fixed

May 25, 2011
You may recall the recent issues many users had been experiencing with the 1.5 version of Comcast's Xfinity TV app. Comcast rolled out a recent update that addresses the reported crashes and brings the universal app to version 1.5.1. Unfortunately, the update still does not include live TV broadcast support, but the cable giant promises that it will be coming sometime in the future. The recent updates have broadened iPhone support, however, and added functions similar to what the app offers iPad users. Despite being a universal app, iPhone users could not watch streaming content until recently. Xfinity TV requires that users have a Wi-Fi connection and a Comcast subscription to be able to take advantage of the app. Besides allowing remote access to streamed content, the app also functions as a remote control for your home TV connected to a cable box. The play now tab offers a selection of streaming content to choose from, but some of it requires that you have a premium subscription such as HBO. Xfinity TV is currently available for free on the App Store.

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