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New Ferrari Cases For iPhone & iPad Almost Look As Good As The Cars

New Ferrari Cases For iPhone & iPad Almost Look As Good As The Cars

May 8, 2011
Ferrari has launched a series of leather cases for both the iPhone and iPad. Currently, the cases - which start at $42.77 and form the "Italia Case Collection" - are available to purchase from the online Ferrari Store. If you can't afford one of Ferrari's beautiful cars, these cases are probably the next best thing. Inspired by the "Grand Touring" models, the Italia Case Collection features beautifully designed leather cases, which bear the famous Ferrari emblem. As described at the online Ferrari Store:
Inspired by the Grand Touring models, the Italy Collection picks up the elegant design of Ferrari car interiors in the workmanship and quality of the leather, in the colours of the threads chosen, the stitching style, the play on padding, the matelassé. ​Genuine black leather iPhone 4 case with four matching back stitches. The elegant black openwork leather has a metal addition, a reproduction of the famous Ferrari Prancing Horse. Dim. 7.8 x 13cm
You can check out the cases (iPhone and iPad) by visiting the online Ferrari Store. And if you buy one, be sure to let us know in the comments. [via RazorianFly]

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