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iChromy - It's Like Google Chrome On Your iPad

iChromy - It's Like Google Chrome On Your iPad

May 28, 2011
While Google hasn't created an iOS version of its popular Web browser, Google Chrome, someone else has. The app, which is available to download in the App Store for free, is called iChromy. And what's more, it looks good and works well. The important thing you need to know about iChromy, is that it's a lot more than a Web browser that looks like Chrome. Instead, the developer has incorporated some of the browser's key features, and has even added some new ones, too. For example, the app features Chrome-style tabs, which can easily be closed with a single touch. Additionally, you can open more tabs by touching a "+" icon. Much like Chrome, iChromy allows users to search Google simply by inputting text in the URL field and hitting return. While simple, this is one of Google Chrome's most-loved features, and it's great to see the feature carry over to iChromy. When viewing a webpage it's possible to easily bookmark the website by hitting a star, which appears alongside the URL field. Furthermore, the next icon along (it looks like a small pair of glasses), allows to quickly save the webpage for offline viewing. Both features are incredibly useful, and desperately need to feature in a future version of Safari for iOS. You can access your bookmarks and "reading list" via two drop-down menus, towards the right of the application. It's easy to delete and re-order items in these menus, too. Last, iChromy allows users to easily share websites to a variety of different social networks and online services, including Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper. If you're looking for a handy Safari alternative, check out iChromy. It's a great app, and is made even greater by the fact that iChromy is available to download for free. Take a look at the app, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. [gallery columns="2"]

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