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Get Involved With The Heist, Challenge Yourself To Some Puzzles, And Maybe Even Grab Some Loot

Get Involved With The Heist, Challenge Yourself To Some Puzzles, And Maybe Even Grab Some Loot

May 25, 2011
The word on the street is that the team over at MacHeist is gearing up for their next big sale. That could only mean one thing; it's time for another "heist." This one is very special because it brings the challenge to a native iOS app called The Heist. The Heist is a small app, but it seems to have a fair amount of fun contained within. The app houses four different puzzle game types: tiles, pins, matching, and mazes. The four games provide a total of 60 challenging puzzles with 19 Game Center achievements to earn. With each heist comes a chance to earn some free loot for your efforts -- some call this a metagame. Over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, it was mentioned that the mission was to complete all of the puzzles and the reward would be a Steam game. There's only one way to find out, so you better get to it. Allow me to share a little about MacHeist for those unaware and maybe a bit curious. They're the group behind the MacHeist Bundles. MacHeist Bundles are packages of shareware apps for Mac OS. The apps range from no names to some fairly popular titles. These bundles are sold at a discount price, where it typically takes a certain number of total bundle sales to unlock the more sought after apps for all customers. If you couldn't tell, the group is pretty good at marketing. MacHeist's -- the organization -- biggest feature is that it's a community of users and developers looking to help one another. How great that actually is, I've leave for you to judge. Developers normally get a set price when offering their app for the bundle, and it isn't usually huge. However, exposure is quite big, and most of the remainder of profits are distributed to charity groups. Once again, I'll let you be the judge. Either way, it seems to be an overall beneficial project for everyone. The Heist is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1.3 or later, and available in the App Store for $.99.

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