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Learn Your ABCs With A Bee Sees Puzzles

Learn Your ABCs With A Bee Sees Puzzles

May 13, 2011
A Bee Sees Puzzles by Headlight Software, Inc. icon

A Bee Sees Puzzles (Free) by Headlight Software, Inc. is an educational app for young children learning their letters, numbers and shapes. It is simple to use and very engaging for your little one. While the basic app is free, it is an additional $1.99 to unlock all of the games available.

A Bee Sees Puzzles by Headlight Software, Inc. screenshot

When you first open the app, there are three different games: Shapes, Letters and Numbers. The only game that is unlocked is Shapes. A selection of seven white spots will appear on the screen and seven corresponding shapes will fall to the bottom of the screen. As each shape is picked up, by touching it, the narrator announces what it is, for example, square or triangle. When the shape is selected, a cute little bee appears and helps drag the shape to its respective spot. If the user picks the correct spot, the bee disappears and the shape sparkles out of existence. Once the level has been completed, the helpful bee does a celebration dance and applause is audible in the background.

If you would like to purchase the two additional games, you have to triple-tap a bee icon in the upper left corner of the menu page. Once you have selected the bee, you must agree to the purchase, and then give your authorization to buy it. This multi-level security helps ensure that your unaware toddler will have a much harder time accidently paying for something you didn’t know about.

While the game is very simple and has few features, it works well for toddlers and young children with learning disabilities. The shapes are easy to move around, the graphics are bright and colorful, and the soft-spoken animated bee is engaging.

Overall, the free game is a fun way to educate your little one without getting too bogged down with extras that can confuse them. The added games costing $1.99 may be a bit high considering they are so simple, but it is still a good app. Even if you just download the free game, your toddler will get plenty of learning enjoyment out of it.

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