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Any Music Downloader Will Put A Smile On Music Lovers' Faces

Any Music Downloader Will Put A Smile On Music Lovers' Faces

May 3, 2011
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Any Music Downloader ($1.99) by is the reincarnated, Apple-approved version of Music Downloader. The first version got pulled by Apple, but now it's revamped and back in the app store and getting a lot of attention from consumers.

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Today is the app's last day on sale and it has surged to the top of the iPhone app store chart. I was not exactly sure how Any Music Downloader would work or if it really featured legal download sites, but was eager to find out.

The first thing I noticed about Any Music Downloader was that it is not a cinch to navigate at first. It took me a minute to figure out how to get around.

The app features a special browser with pre-loaded bookmarks to legal, free music download sites such as and The browser does, however, allow you to navigate to other sites of your choosing. However, when picking your other free music sites, download at your own risk.

When I entered's free music downloads of the week I had no problem zooming in (since the full site is featured in the browser), picking a song and selecting the download button. The song was finished downloading before I knew it and I had the option to begin playing it immediately. Once the list of downloads gets cluttered, you can delete tracks if you wish.

The quick, easy downloading is nice, but Any Music Downloader has one other feature that most of its consumers are very happy about: easily import the songs you have downloaded via iTunes file sharing. I was happy to discover that getting those songs into your iTunes library is just as quick and easy as downloading the songs in the app.

Any Music Downloader is a nice little app to own, but there are reasons I have chosen not to give it more than 3.5 stars. The user interface is not very intuitive and it's not that pretty. Also, it is friendly with illegal download sites (although those sites are not listed in the bookmarks). Hey, artists have to make a living, too, so I personally choose to stick with sites that truly are legal and have artist's permissions before featuring their tracks for free download. So, just remember, when using Any Music Downloader, employ discretion and caution.

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