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Tilt And Steer To Avoid The Line With Electro Chuck

Tilt And Steer To Avoid The Line With Electro Chuck

May 29, 2011
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Electro Chuck ($1.99) by AppSolution inc. is the classic electric line game that’s been re-imagined for the iPhone. By using your phone's accelerometer, you’ll have to tilt and steer to prevent Chuck from touching the electric line.

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Electro Chuck features multiple worlds with 10 levels in each. The levels are short, but both entertaining and challenging.

To succeed, you’ll need to tilt your phone to keep Chuck from touching the line and getting electrocuted. By tapping the screen behind Chuck, you’ll help him stretch above obstacles to grab stars and other bonuses.

Chuck has 10 lines of life, but if you fail to avoid the line or dodge the obstacles, he’ll get zapped. The game saves your progress at the completion of each level.

Each level consists of three stars to collect. If you’re good enough to collect all 30 stars, you’ll unlock a special arcade mode in the world you master.

Electro Chuck is fully integrated with Game Center and you can share your achievements on both Facebook and Twitter.

Electro Chuck by AppSolution inc. screenshot

The issues I had with the game were the crashes, which unfortunately happen often. However, Electro Chuck lets you report crashes to the developer. The developer is planning to launch an update soon, so hopefully this will be resolved.

The game provides a different tip while loading each level, but the tips aren’t progressive. For example, you won’t learn how to pause the game until accessing the fourth level in the first world. I’d like to see the developer add a tips section to the main menu.

With the numerous crashes you’ll experience with this current version, I can’t currently recommend Electro Chuck. However, keep an eye on this app. It’s fun, challenging and the graphics provide for a great looking game on your iPhone. The developer also promises more levels with a future update, so keep this app in your back pocket for when the developer fixes the crashing problem.

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