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Manage Even More Of Your Travel Itinerary With The iPad-Optimized TripIt v2.5

Manage Even More Of Your Travel Itinerary With The iPad-Optimized TripIt v2.5

May 4, 2011
TripIt is a travel assistance app to make your on-the-go life more efficient. The app already combines all of your travel itinerary into a single app and location, but what better way to make things even easier than to allow access to multiple pieces of that information at once? Those who own an Apple iOS tablet can have that very luxury with the new iPad-optimized TripIt v2.5. Like most universal iOS apps, the iPad side of things is designed to put more at your fingertips simultaneously. The typical iPad multi-pane user interface allows travelers to effortlessly choose trips and specific itineraries, like flights and car rentals, on the left side of the screen and view the details on the remainder two-thirds of the display. TripIt has gone one step further with that extra space by providing an iPad-exclusive "master map" feature to see exactly where you need to be next. For those unaware, TripIt is a travel management and assistant service. The main goal is to centralize all of your travel itinerary into a single system that's easy to access, follow, and share amongst those involved. The process works by simply forwarding flight, hotel, car rental, restaurant, etc reservation confirmation emails to TripIt's "plans" email address to add them to your TripIt account. Travelers can use the free app and sign up for a free account, however, the $49 per year TripIt Pro provides flight alerts, easy flight refunds (when available), and alternate flight information that will help those needing to reach their destination lickety split if the unfortunate situation their booked flight is delayed or cancelled occurs. TripIt is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later, and available in the App Store as a free download. Standard (free) TripIt account users can opt for the ad-free app for $3.99.

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