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Apple Gives Mail App A Makeover In iOS 5

Apple Gives Mail App A Makeover In iOS 5

June 6, 2011
Apple has just announced major improvements to the Mail app, which will feature in iOS 5. The updated Mail application, which will be built-in to iOS 5, will feature rich text and a much-improved search feature. The improved search feature will allow users to search entire messages within the Mail app. According to Apple's Scott Forstall:
It's really nice to use this. You can swipe and so on. Also, we added more support for entreprise customers. This time we're adding S-MIME. you can use certificates, and get that locked icon that says your mail is encrypted.
Furthermore, the application will feature a built-in dictionary, and an even better keyboard. The new keyboard is a "split keyboard" that moves around users thumbs, when typing. The Macintosh version of Apple's Mail app has been updated too, in Mac OS X Lion. The desktop application has received a more iPad-like feel, with a two-pane view and sleek, new design. Are you excited for iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion? Let us know in the comments.

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