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Apple Could Be In The Process Of Recalling Verizon iPad 2 Models

Apple Could Be In The Process Of Recalling Verizon iPad 2 Models

June 10, 2011
Apple could be in the process of recalling all CDMA Verizon iPad 2 models, according to a recent article. The news comes from 9to5Mac, who has reportedly received "numerous tips" regarding Verizon iPads that are being recalled by Apple, after having been shipped by Foxconn in China. (The iPads are being returned to Apple mid-shipment.) According to the website, the recalled iPads are engraved, Verizon iPad 2 models that are being shipped by FedEx. Similar reports are also beginning to hit the Apple Support Communities:
Let us know if you find anything out. I ordered mine early may and yesterday I was thrilled to see it actually say out for delivery! Then I got the delivery exception. Called fedex and heard the same thing you did. Called Apple and they had no clue why just that it would be delivered tomorrow(today). Called fedex again and they assured me that the package was already on it’s way back to it’s origin. Now this morning my tracking number reads undeliverable, return to sender. So, my 1-2 weeks turned into 3 to ship and it some how took fedex 2 weeks to get it to my city and now this. I wonder how long it will be before I actually see my iPad.
However, 9to5Mac also received an interesting tip from a reader, stating:
I was in the apple store in Lakeside Mall (LA) and I saw two people coming from back of the store (exiting the stock room) and leaving the store with a cart full of boxes. The boxes had \”verizon 64gb\” and \”verizon 32gb\” written on the outside of them.  I assumed they were iPads. This may relate to your story of Apple recalling Verizon iPads. -Rory
Obviously, it would appear that something has gone wrong with Apple's current shipment of Verizon iPad 2 models. Currently, 9to5Mac's article is overflowing with accounts from readers who are all experiencing this the same issue. Are you? Let us know in the comments.

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