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Apple Talks Mac OS X Lion: Will Be Available In The Mac App Store Only For $29.99

Apple Talks Mac OS X Lion: Will Be Available In The Mac App Store Only For $29.99

June 6, 2011
Today, at its WWDC keynote address, Apple unveiled Mac OS X Lion. The upcoming version of Apple's desktop operating system will be able to purchase in July (from the Mac App Store only) for $29.99, and it'll weigh-in at four gigabytes. Included in the many new features added in Lion is an huge emphasis on the importance of multitouch. As outlined by Apple's Phil Schiller:
So much has changed over the last few years. We now build multitouch trackpads. We learned a lot from iOS too. You can now zoom on pictures, and swipe through your slides and webpages.
Additionally, the company is introducing full screen apps:
This way we can take advantage of every pixel on the screen. With lion we build a standard method so every user knows where to tap and go full screen.
Obviously, this will make using an 11 inch MacBook Air a lot easier, as Mac apps will be able to take over the laptop's entire screen. Other new features added in Mac OS X Lion include Mission Control, Launchpad and Resume. Since outlining Mac OS X Lion in its keynote presentation, Apple has updated it's Mac OS X page with information on "what's new" in the update. Are you looking forward to Lion? Let us know in the comments.

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