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It's Your Chance To Get Behind The Wheel Of A Brand New Hot Rod And Much More In Death Rally v1.5

It's Your Chance To Get Behind The Wheel Of A Brand New Hot Rod And Much More In Death Rally v1.5

June 9, 2011
Another big update of Death Rally has made its way into the App Store, and this one truly focuses on those exhaust spewing, earth tearing beauties of machinery. Get behind the wheel of a new car, possibly spice up your current car with a new paint job, get involved with new challenges restricted to certain cars, and maybe even get your car rebalanced for free. I'll begin by grabbing your interest with the quick details of the brand new automobile you could end up housing in your virtual garage. Interceptor is a badass hot rod just waiting to be unlocked and taken out on the open road with the pedal to the metal. To earn this new ride, you must collect all 20 of the Interceptor pieces. Like track unlock pieces, car unlock pieces will appear a single time during random races and challenges. Next up is a list containing several new challenges you can choose to take part in. All of the challenges added in v1.5 are car challenges, meaning that every racer has the same vehicle. Cars that now have challenges consist of Vagabond, Dervish, Shrieker, Wraith, Deliverator, and Interceptor. As a reminder, challenges will become available on randomly selected courses. Perhaps not a big deal to most, but v1.5 adds to the game's story with part two. Just as with the prologue, part two has the player do a short driving mission before being sent to the story performed in comic book form. The story may not be a key component of this explosive title, however, it is a nice touch and I find it to be a bit interesting. My final highlight will be that this fifth update includes even more achievements, some new paint jobs, and a rebalancing of the attributes for Sentinel and Vagabond. Further improvements made in Death Rally v1.5 include: • Race menu improvements • Game memory management changed and total memory consumption reduced. • IAP: VIP access to Interceptor and Eureka • The cool blue icon is back • Bug fix: No longer crashes on iOS versions older than 4.0 • Bug fix: Rare game crash with projectile logic fixed • Bug fix: "Hard" races now available also at the end of the game Death Rally is a universal app compatible with iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, 32GB and 64GB third generation iPod touch, fourth generation iPod touch and newer running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store now at the discounted price of just $.99.

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