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First iPhone Jailbreaker Goes Legit, Working For Facebook

First iPhone Jailbreaker Goes Legit, Working For Facebook

June 26, 2011
The guy behind the LimeRa1n exploit is probably not going to be jailbreaking again anytime soon. George Hotz, otherwise known as GeoHot, is now a Facebook employee, according to iPhone Download Blog. It was in July 2010 we announced Hotz was pretty much done with jailbreaking, although a January story seemed to suggest otherwise. Now, however, it has been confirmed the 21-year-old hacker best known for unlocking the iPhone is going legit. Beginning in May, but only announced this month, Hotz began working at the largest social networking site, Facebook. According to iPhone Download Blog:
According to Gabe Rivera, GeoHot started working for Facebook in May, but he only announced it on June 17. If you have a look at his Facebook profile, it’s pretty clear that he is not joking. Wanna friend GeoHot on Facebook? Forget about it because there is actually no “Add Friend” button.
Take a look at this video dropped by @FlawLessFox, the founder of MyGreatFest in a video interview with iPhone hacker P0sixNinja.

As much as jailbreakers will miss Hotz, it’s nice to see him obviously moving onto bigger things and probably a lot more money. What do you think? Leave your comments below.  

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