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Griffin's Latest Accessory Turns Your iPhone Into A Universal Remote

Griffin's Latest Accessory Turns Your iPhone Into A Universal Remote

June 17, 2011
Griffin's latest iOS accessory - "Beacon" - can turn your iPhone into a universal remote, by receiving Bluetooth signals transmitted from the handset and converting them into IR. With Beacon, users can interact with all of their A/V accessories using one, single remote: An iPhone. It's a handy accessory, and for $80 (available from Griffin's website or the Apple Online Store) it's not overly expensive, either. Beacon pairs with Dijit's free remove app, meaning users can access their favorite social networks and even program guides, while using their iPhone-remote. As outlined in Beacon's press release:
"Beacon puts control of the home theater right at your fingertips," said Matt Brown, Director of Product Development at Griffin. "Thanks to our hardware and Dijit's App integration, we've created a powerful, pocket-sized tool that truly simplifies and customizes the entertainment experience at home." "Consumers have 21st-century home entertainment experiences but are stuck with remote controls that haven't been updated since the 1980s. Dijit is here to overhaul the control experience, and our partnership with Griffin Technology marks another milestone in making this happen," said Maksim Ioffe, Founder and CEO of Dijit Media. "Beacon is an amazing product that brings the power of fingertip search and discovery of all your entertainment content right from your smartphone to your HDTV."
For more information, be sure to head over to Griffin's website and take a closer look at Beacon. And if you're planning on buying this awesome accessory, let us know in the comments. [via Engadget]

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