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Jailbreak Only: SMSHideKeyboard - Full Screen Mode For The Messages App

June 30, 2011
If you're a jailbroken iPhone owner who's still rocking the built-in Messages app, SMSHideKeyboard is a tweak you may be interested in checking out. Once installed, the tweak (which is developed by Dan Zimmerman) allows users to quickly enter a full screen mode in the Messages app. Furthermore, two different "full screens" can be entered: The first displays a text box at the bottom of the app (this kind of screen can be accessed without the jailbreak tweak - just open a message thread, touch the "Messages" button in the top-left, then return to the same message thread), and the second is a true full screen. You can switch to full screen by simply touching the backdrop in the Messages app (that area where the message bubbles are). One touch will take you to the first kind of full screen (with the text box still showing), and another touch will take to the "true" full screen we mentioned. The tweak is currently available to download for free in Cydia (you'll need to add Ryan Petrich's repository first: Simply search for "SMSHideKeyboard," install the package and you should be good to go! Take the tweak for a spin, and let us know your thoughts in the comments. [via iPhone Download Blog]

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