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Jailbreak Only: TweakWeek Recap - DietBar & PagePusher

Jailbreak Only: TweakWeek Recap - DietBar & PagePusher

June 4, 2011
Earlier today, we told you about SplitMail - a simple but effective jailbreak tweak, developed by Ryan Petrich as part of "TweakWeek." However, this free, open-source jailbreak tweak was tweak number three. Now, we're going to tell you about Petrich's first two TweakWeek tweaks: DietBar and PagePusher. Much like SplitMail, Petrich's first two tweaks are simple, free and useful. The first, DietBar, simply thins down the navigation bar (which is displayed at the top of iOS applications). The other tweak, PagePusher, adds iBooks-style page-turning animations to other iOS apps (like the Settings app, for example). We've included a video demo of PagePusher in action below for you to check out. Both tweaks are available to download for free via Cydia (just make sure you've added Petrich's repository first, it's " And if you haven't heard about tweak number three - SplitMail - check out our article, which hit the Web earlier today. As promised, here's the video of PagePusher.

[via iPhone Download Blog]

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