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Capture The World Around You With Dermandar

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Dermandar (Free) by Dermandar is a photography app that creates 360 degree panoramic pictures. It features a fully automated capturing system, immersive 3D viewer and built-in social media sharing options.

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Most iOS users want a panoramic app in their arsenal that is loaded with features (or, better yet, a conventional camera app with panoramic option). Still, even the best one will fall short of expectations if it cannot perform as advertised or has a confusing interface. My current personal favorite is (ironically) Microsoft’s Photosynth, it allows the user to create entire spheres using the gyroscope. But, while I love how completely it captures surroundings, it differs from traditional panoramic apps and the pictures it produces, which when viewed flat, are jagged and distorted.

Dermandar is also free and has a similar 3D viewer but the process is much easier and the results are actually cleaner. The process of taking a panoramic picture is the easiest I have seen, and is a semi-automatic process that involves turning the device while matching portions of the scene. Stitching is relatively fast and when it is done you are taken to the viewer which scrolls the image in the direction it was taken. You can manually move the image around including double tapping to zoom.

My tests turned out great. The plague of stitched panoramic pictures; limbless people or otherwise offset lines, seems to be reduced if not completely eliminated. Resolution is crisp and color matching is excellent.

The social features also set Dermandar apart. Without even logging in you can share images and links to images, but if you actually log in with a Dermandar account you can share links to a browser based 3D viewer that displays your image. You can also view panoramas uploaded by other users; it feels akin to traveling the entire world in minutes.

Dermandar doesn’t quite provide the sphere-like panoramic capabilities that Photosynth does, but in every other measure this photo stitching app will exceed most users expectations. If you are looking for a dedicated panorama app, Dermander is the one to get.

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Capture The World Around You With Dermandar

Capture The World Around You With Dermandar