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Musicon - Add Music Albums To Your Home Screen

Musicon - Add Music Albums To Your Home Screen

June 15, 2011
Musicon is a recently released application for the iPhone and iPod touch, which allows users to add music albums to their Home screen. Currently, the application is available to download in an ad-supported version for free, in the App Store. Once you've installed Musicon, adding albums to your Home screen is essentially achieved by installing a "Webclip" on your iPhone. In the application, select an album you want on your Home screen, install the Webclip (located over at the developer's website) and an icon displaying the album's artwork will appear on your iPhone's Home screen. Touching this icon should open the album in Musicon. I've just given the application a test-run, and it didn't quite work - after attempting to install a Webclip for Born to Run, touching the resulting icon brought up "Nothing Man" in the app (which, as the Springsteen fans out there will know, is from the wrong album). However, this could be down to the fact that I'm running a developer version of iOS 5. Others have used the app, and according to them, it works great (MacStories is included in the bunch). Furthermore, because Musicon is available for free, you don't lose anything in trying the application out. Give it a whirl, and let us know if the service works for you in the comments.

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