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Hit The Slopes With Touch Ski 3D

June 25, 2011
The Ski Channel: Touch Ski 3D Full by Naquatic icon

The Ski Channel: Touch Ski 3D Full ($4.99) by Naquatic is a fun way to get your ski on during the summer or any time of the year when you get the urge.

This game is easy to pick up and very realistic in both graphics and gameplay. Make your way down the slopes as fast as you can, but watch out for obstacles and get ready to jump some ramps.

The Ski Channel: Touch Ski 3D Full by Naquatic screenshot

I've only been skiing a couple of times in my life, and, to be honest, I wasn't very good at it. But I figured I could handle it in an iOS game. Especially if I didn't have to deal with actual snow. After all, I am from "The Great North" (read: Michigan) and have had my fill of it.

If you're not a pro, you can start off in training: learn how to get the maximum speed, learn how to jump, and just learn how to control your skis. Not only are there many modes to try out your skill on, but you can even unlock different and more difficult modes along the way.

Essentially, your fingers are the skis. To control the skis, hold your fingers about an inch apart. It's easiest to use your pointer and middle fingers and on the same hand (in case that isn't clear), but make sure they are parallel so that you can take advantage of high speeds.

Your speedometer will turn bright green when you're perfectly parallel and more red/orange when your skis are crossed. You'll know this because you'll be practically tripping over yourself or not moving at all.

You have the options to race, slalom, freestyle, and jump your way through the different courses. Jumping is my favorite, so my mode-of-choice is the Freestyle Park. Here, you run a course full of ramps where you pick up speed and jump over them. Release your fingers from the screen to pick your skis up and go flying. I found this both fun and somehow kind of relaxing.

The Ski Channel: Touch Ski 3D Full by Naquatic screenshot

The game is easy to play and the only skiing game that I have seen that uses such innovative controls. The iPad version, Touch Ski HD, just came out and the iPhone version is newly updated. If you're a skier, this one is a must have! I don't feel it is necessarily worth the $2.99 ($4.99 for the iPad), however, there is a free version for you to test out and decide this for yourself.

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