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Remember To Pack Everything With Packing Pro

Remember To Pack Everything With Packing Pro

June 28, 2011
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Packing Pro ($2.99) by Quinn Genzel is a great organizational tool for anyone planning a trip. If you are looking to avoid forgetting things then Packing Pro can help. The app creates list of to-do’s and things to pack before you leave.

Start off by choosing one of the sample packing lists, or create your own from scratch. Edit the list’s categories as necessary and then check off items you’ve packed. It is easy to see what you have, and what still needs to go into the suitcase.

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The app allows for full customization of lists. Sample lists have generic items listed but specific ones can be added. There are hundreds of preset items that can be added to different sub-categories within packing lists. You are not limited to one packing list in the app, multiple lists can be saved and named to avoid confusion.

The only downside to using an app over pen and paper is time. So why bother taking the time to edit the list on an iDevice when you could simply write it out in half the time? First of all, keeping track of a paper can be a daunting task… misplacing your iDevice is much less likely. Secondly, a list in Packing Pro can be reused. So instead of having to recreate a list every time you go on a trip, your past lists are available for you to tweak and then use. Finally, using preset lists can remind you of items you would not remember or realize you needed otherwise.

As summer vacations come around, consider Packing Pro as a way to avoid forgetting things. For $2.99, it’s a great safeguard against leaving behind something you need.

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