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The Best Travel Apps to Help Take the Stress Out of Trip Planning

Family vacations, business trips, and weekend getaways do not have to be hard or time-consuming to plan when you have the right tools. These are the best travel apps for helping you with accommodations, flights, packing, and finding your way around the city.

Get A Travel Guide

For discovering new destinations or locating hot spots where you are planning to go, these travel guide apps let you know where to eat, stay, and play.

Modern Atlas

Be inspired and be prepared with photos and travel guides for worldwide spots.

Modern Atlas

Your own guide

For those interested in a useful travel app with amazing photos and helpful guides.

Modern Atlas Travel Guides & City Maps is a terrific tool for discovering new places to visit. View amazing photos of locations around the world, check out thousands of travel guides, and map out your trip with the exact spots you want to visit. The app has gorgeous 3-D flyover views and handy topographic maps for a magnificent display of your next travel destination.

Why we love it

Whether you need inspiration for your next trip or know exactly where you want to go, Modern Atlas Travel Guides & City Maps provides the tools you need. View locations, plan out a map, and be prepared for an upcoming vacation or business trip with this great travel companion.

Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner

Tripomatic s.r.o.

For those who want travel guides within a trip planning app.

The Sygic Travel: Trip Planner & City Guide app offers Fodor’s travel guides for popular spots like Paris, France and New York, New York. In addition to guides, you can use the app to plan your trip. Features include weather forecasts, travel itinerary templates, offline maps, and walking navigation.

Why we love it

Sygic Travel: Trip Planner & City Guide is a handy trip planner with guides, maps, and itineraries.


Find great spots to stay and play before your next trip.


Pick your destination

For those interested in offline guides and maps destinations around the world.

Triposo offers handy destination suggestions for discovering new locations and also lets you search for a specific one if you like. Review activities and attractions, which include pricing and operational details. You can easily find a spot to eat nearby and a place to spend the night. Save locations, check out reviews, and plan your trip with tips from the experts.

Why we love it

With Triposo you can quickly and easily plan your next business or pleasure trip with details for where to dine and sleep as well as things to do in the area.

Find A hotel

From full amenities to comfy and cozy, finding accommodations for your trip is easy with these apps. Hotels & Travel

Find the perfect accommodations for your next trip. Hotels & Travel

Sort and filter

For those who would like to both search and book accommodations with one easy app.

With you can check out terrific deals and accommodations right where you want to be. Filter by price, review, or Wi-Fi, save your favorites and share them with family, then book your stay with an easy-to-use interface. Browse, search, and find the perfect spot for some shut-eye on your next business trip or family vacation.

Why we love it provides tons of accommodation options, offline maps, reservation ability, and more. When you are searching for a place to stay, this is the app you want.

HotelTonight - Hotel Deals

Check out great deals on hotels and then book in seconds.

HotelTonight - Hotel Deals

Browse hotels

For those who want to find discounts and savings when booking accommodations.

With Hotel Tonight you can search for great deals on hotels and book your stay right within the app. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, you can read the reasons the hotel is great, review the amenities, and reserve your room with a clean and easy app interface.

Why we love it

Hotel Tonight is a terrific tool for finding last-minute deals on accommodations. Why pay more than you have to? This hotel finder will provide you with less expensive options at locations that have been screened and reviewed. Travel Booking Travel Booking

For those who want a hotel finder that offers deals, maps, and Apple Pay.

With, you can plan, book, and manage your hotel stay. Get exclusive deals on accommodations, save your favorite hotels, and earn Rewards along the way. The app offers map views, Apple Pay, and offline access to your travel history.

Why we love it

For deals, discovery, and more, is an easy-to-use way to plan and book your next stay.

Book A Flight

No matter where you are flying to on your next vacation or business trip, be sure you get the best airfare possible with these helpful apps.

CheapOair: Cheap Flight Deals

CheapOair: Cheap Flight Deals

Fareportal, Inc.

With our app, you can easily book flights, hotels, accommodations, and car rentals—all in one place! Plan your ideal trip and book your travel accommodations with ease. Our app provides a secure booking process, allowing you to make reservations in no time. Download it today and embark on your next adventure!

Discover a World of Travel Deals:

Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a road trip adventure, our app provides access to countless travel offers and deals to suit your budget and preferences. With just a few taps, you can get great deals on flights, hotels, accomodations, and car rentals so you can plan your vacation for less.

Explore a Wide Selection of Airlines:

From major carriers to regional favorites, our app features a wide selection of airlines to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect travel deal for your needs. Whether you're looking for budget-friendly options or luxurious amenities, our app has something for everyone!

Seamless Booking Experience:

Booking your next travel adventure has never been easier thanks to our user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Browse through our extensive range of offers and deals, compare airfares, and book your preferred travel accommodations—all from the comfort of your mobile device! Whether you're booking a last-minute getaway or planning a dream vacation, our app streamlines the booking process for a stress-free experience.

Flexible Booking Options:

We understand that every traveler is unique, which is why our app offers flexible booking options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer to book online or seek personalized assistance, our app has you covered. With just a tap, you can easily book your travel accommodations online or choose to speak with one of our customer service representatives for expert guidance and support. Whatever your booking preference, our app will give you the freedom to plan your travel your way!

Safe and Secure Transactions:

Because keeping your personal information and payment details safe is our priority, we use the latest encryption technology to safeguard your data so your transactions are protected at all times. Whether you're booking a flight, hotel, accomodation, or car rental, you can book with confidence knowing that your information is in good hands.

Expert Travel Advice:

Planning your next adventure is easier than ever with our app's expert travel recommendations. From destination guides to insider tips, you will find valuable insights and information to help you make the most of your trip. Whether you're looking for the best restaurants, attractions, or activities, our app has everything you need to plan the perfect itinerary.

Endless Vacations and Getaways:

With our app, vacation possibilities are practically endless. Whether you're dreaming of a relaxing beach retreat, an adrenaline-fueled adventure, or a cultural getaway, our app offers plenty of options to suit every traveler's wanderlust. Explore exotic destinations, discover hidden gems, and create unforgettable memories—all with the convenience of our flight booking mobile app!

Download Our App Today:

Ready to take your travel experience to new heights? Download our mobile app today and start exploring a whole world of travel offers and deals. Your next adventure is just one tap away!

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Booking Cheap Flight Tickets
Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

Matthew White

What are the secrets to booking cheap flights? The real secret to booking cheap flights is geographic pricing.

Download it now to learn more.

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We search across all airlines, major travel sites and 100 low-cost carriers worldwide, find the best flight tickets and direct you for free to the companies that sell them. It’s free! We are an indie app and dedicated to price transparency for all travelers.



– Book directly from your device
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Rent a Car

When you need to rent a vehicle for getting around in your destination, check out these official car rental company apps.

Get Packing

When it is time to pack for your next trip, use one of these handy apps so that you don’t forget a thing.

Packing Pro

Getting ready for your next trip couldn’t be easier with this popular packing assistant.

Packing Pro

Don't forget a thing

For those who like assistance in planning and packing for trips.

When it’s time to pack for a business trip, personal vacation, or weekend getaway, Packing Pro is a must-have app. With so many features, you never have to worry about forgetting anything. This app starts before your trip does, so you can make sure you do all of the essentials before, during, and after your big vacation. Just create a new list, choose the closest sample, and away you go. You get a complete checklist of things to do and items to pack. It's broken down into what you need to complete before, during, and after the trip. You don't have to worry about forgetting to stop the mail or unplug the appliances, because the developers of Packing Pro have thought of that for you. You can even share your list with others, so they can help with the preparations.

Why we love it

From Smart Search and Quick Add for catalog pages to sort options and more robust syncing, getting ready for your next trip is a breeze with Packing Pro. Of course, no app is going to include everything you might need, try as the developers might. There will also be tasks and items that just don't apply to you. This app is great because it's super easy to delete items from your list. It's also a cinch to add new items, so you can remember your razor blades instead of that electric razor that has no place at a primitive campground.

Travel List – Trip Packing

Create packing lists, make itineraries, and set up alerts so you don’t forget a thing.

Travel List – Trip Packing

Create your list

For those who like to use packing list apps with helpful trip-planning features.

With Travel List – Trip Packing and Planning you can easily create your packing lists from the built-in item options or add your own. Set up your itineraries using the calendar and see your schedule at a glance. The handy reminders are perfect for making sure you don’t forget anything.

Why we love it

Travel List – Trip Packing and Planning has everything you need to pack and plan your next excursion. With an easy-to-use interface, you will be packed and ready in no time.

Plan It All at One Time

If you prefer apps that let you discover, plan, and book your hotels, flights, and rental cars in a single spot, these all-in-one travel apps are perfect.