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Zapd Receives An Update

Zapd Receives An Update

June 2, 2011
If you wanted a Web-design app that allows your to create websites on your iPhone, you should check out Zapd. We showcased it recently along with some of the great features it offers. However, the app received a recent update that makes it better than ever. The Zapd 1.2 update added comments, blogging and image-cropping fixes. This allows you to have more complete control over your site. Here are the new features outlined (from the app description):
Our favorite new feature? Comments! In the Settings area of Zapd you got an On/Off toggle: one called “Show Comments". Pretty straightforward. Comments on the Zap in question are available when the switch is on and vice versa. To leave a comment, any user that is viewing your Zapd can easily login via Facebook or Zapd and post. Those comments can be deleted by you, the Zapd owner right from the browser or you can login to the Zapd app and see all the comments there. Naturally, you can delete any comment you don't want on your Zaps. What else? Blog mode. The “New Posts at Top” button addresses our users' most common request: Blog mode. After downloading this new version, toggling the New Posts at Top switch to “On” will not affect any existing content you've already made but it WILL put newest content added to any new Zap right at the top. Just like a blog. Pretty cool. Leaving that switch "Off" will leave Zapd in it's "Story mode" just like its always been. In Story Mode, all new content (photos, text etc) will go below the previous content. You choose how you want your content displayed. New text and photos at the top as you add them or new content posting below previous content. It's up to you! And finally, image cropping fixes. Some folks noticed that in certain cases our image cropper would behave strangely and wouldn't crop the photo exactly the way you intended. It wasn't common but we're perfectionists. So, we wanted to reward those of you with a keen eye by enhancing our photo cropper so that each image comes out exactly as you had intended. Check it out and see what you think.
The developer promises more features in future updates as well. Here is the list of current and upcoming features Zapd offers (from the app description):
Features include: - Create as many Zaps as you like for free - Apply over a dozen themes that change the website’s colors, fonts and layout - Take and choose photos directly in the app - Write text and place it where you want on the web page - Provide links to other websites on your Zap website - Reorder any of your elements before you publish - Preview your Zap right in the app before publishing or sharing it - Include your personal profile or company logo on your Zap website (optional) - Change the theme at anytime, even after you have published and shared it - Edit your Zap from your phone, tablet, and computer - Share your Zaps via Facebook, Twitter and email - Receive a unique, short url for your Zap Coming soon to Zapd - Select from even more themes - Buy premium themes - Choose a custom url - Create groups for sharing different Zaps with different people - Allow others to edit and modify a Zap - Post videos - Comment on a Zapd from a mobile device - View a feed of other Zaps being created
The great thing about Zapd is how simple and intuitive it is to use. No HTML or java coding knowledge is required at all. Who says the iDevices are only good for media consumption? Apps like this could pave the way for content-creation and productivity on the go. You can currently get Zapd for free on the App Store.

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