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AT&T To Offer Standard Insurance For All iPhone Models, From July 17

AT&T To Offer Standard Insurance For All iPhone Models, From July 17

July 4, 2011
AT&T recently announced that its Mobile Insurance program will cover all iPhone handsets from July 17. The program costs $4.99/month, with either a $50 or $125 deductible for each claim made depending on the handset itself. This is good news: Previously, in order to insure an iPhone with AT&T, users had to cough up $11.99/month, and the plan also featured $199 deductible. Now, iPhone owners can insure their handset for more than half this price, and the deductible could be as little as $50. Obviously, like any insurance policy, AT&T's Mobile Insurance program comes with its fair share of small print. There's a handful of points you should be aware of, and the first is what the program actually covers. According to AT&T, this is:
  • Lost, stolen, accidental damage and mechanical or electrical failure after the manufacturer's warranty period has expired
As mentioned, the program comes with $50 or $125 deductible, depending on the make and model of your handset, and in "most cases," the replacement time is the next business day. However, AT&T isn't going to outright replace your iPhone - if it can be remanufactured, the company is going to try that first, and there's no guarantee that the handset's "colors, features or accessory compatibility" will be the same as before. Furthermore, customers cannot make:
Two claims within any consecutive 12 months, with a maximum device value of $1500 per claim.
Apple fans should also remember that the policy doesn't cover liquid damage - this isn't covered by Apple's warranty policy, either. Apple does however replace "accidentally broken or out-of-warranty phones for a flat $199 repair fee, though this doesn't cover loss or theft," as noted by Arnold Kim of MacRumors. In my own experience, mobile phone insurance is always a good idea. While Apple does have you covered to a certain extent, once your iPhone jumps out of warranty or if it becomes or stolen, you're going to need a safety net. And for $4.99/month, AT&T's solution looks like a pretty good option. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. [Image credit: bschhh]

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