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Could These Cases Confirm A Thinner Design For The iPhone 5?

Could These Cases Confirm A Thinner Design For The iPhone 5?

July 28, 2011
Yesterday, we saw some new iPhone case mockups that were hinting at what the iPhone 5 might look like. Today, 9to5Mac has uncovered, from what they say is a reliable source, some actual cases for the new iPhone 5. This new clue may confirm some of the rumors about the design of the anticipated new device. These cases show the iPhone 5 will be more than a tweak to the iPhone 4. As other rumors have hinted, these new cases fit a slimmer and sleeker iPhone. The cases cannot confirm a couple of other rumors such as a redesigned home button and a larger screen, but in the picture below, you can certainly see the size difference on the bottom of the phone.

Although all the rumors swarming about are up for grabs, some have more credence than others. Other well-known sources such as The Wall Street Journal have hinted at this thinner design. The WSJ has fairly reliable sources that are close to Apple. It seems, at this point, that if Apple does not make some exciting changes to the iPhone 5, there will be a huge letdown in the market. As reported earlier this week on AppAdvice, over one-third of Americans surveyed said they are planning to purchase an iPhone 5. If there aren't some attractive changes to the iPhone 4, will this figure go down the tubes? I don’t think Apple will let that happen. What do you think of these new cases?  

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