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DC To Release Digital Comics The Same Day Paper Copies Hit Stores

DC To Release Digital Comics The Same Day Paper Copies Hit Stores

July 2, 2011
DC Comics, Inc. has recently announced that it plans to release digital versions of future comic books on the same day as their paper counterparts hit stores. The scheme, called "Day and Date Digital," was announced alongside DC's new "52" series. Currently, DC has a universal iOS app - DC Comics - available in the App Store. The app itself is free, and users can purchase individual editions of comic books as in-app purchases. However, these digital editions aren't released alongside paper copies. DC is planning on changing this. Apparently, DC will be the first publisher in the world to release new comics in digital and paper editions, alongside one another. This is undoubtedly great news for people who read comics on their iPad: If one day you're not able to get to the comic book store, you can simply download the latest edition on an iOS device - furthermore, Apple's in-app subscriptions could make subscribing to comics a digital dream. It will be interesting to see whether digital and paper comics will be priced the same, or differently. Obviously, publishing in the digital realm is cheaper in the sense that it's a paper-free publishing solution (comics don't have to be printed and transported). However, the in-app aspect of DC Comics means Apple's 30 percent cut could result in DC retailing the digital comics for the same price as their paper counterparts, in order to make up the difference. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, check out the video below for more information on DC's new "52" series.

[via Superman of Steel]

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