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Flight Simulator Apache SIM HD Puts You In The Cockpit Of The Army’s Best Bird

Flight Simulator Apache SIM HD Puts You In The Cockpit Of The Army’s Best Bird

July 25, 2011
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Apache SIM HD ($2.99) by iTechGen is an iPad-only HD quality flight simulator that puts you in the cockpit of an AH-64 Apache helicopter. Using realistic maneuverability and detailed 3D visuals, players will think they are flying the real thing.

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The game offers two modes, Missions and Free Flight. In Missions, you will first learn the controls of your Apache by watching the video tutorial. Once you understand the basics, you will start your campaign. The first level will require you to prove you can fly your new bird by making you takeoff from one air strip and land on another. Other levels include fighter missions, skill tests, day or night operations, and much more. You will learn to refuel your engine, reload your weapons and seek out the enemy using an infrared targeting system.

As flight simulators go, this game fits right in with the best of them. You must keep a close eye on your elevation, fuel levels and turning radius. If you fly too high, you lose the game. If you decelerate too fast, you go into an uncontrollable spin. The weapons camera allows you to view your surroundings in infrared and gives you an aiming advantage over your enemy.

You can also play in Free Flight mode to practice your flying, check out the scenery and map you flight plan for future missions. You can view the Air Show feature from the main menu, but you must complete all 12 missions to unlock it.

Overall, Apache SIM HD is a top-notch game for fans of flight simulators. The beautifully detailed high quality graphics will impress you while the realistic controls will fill you with anxiety until you can better handle the bird. At $2.99, you are getting more than your money’s worth.

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