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Has Apple Deliberately Delayed The Google+ App?

Has Apple Deliberately Delayed The Google+ App?

July 14, 2011
Nearly two weeks after the Google+ social networking service went online, Apple has yet to approve the release of the official iOS app. Now it appears the delay is deliberate on Apple’s part, according to news first reported by Radu Tyrsina of ITProPortal. On July 4, we reported that Google had submitted its Google+ iPhone/iPod touch app to Apple for approval. At the time, we were told Google had submitted the app sometime prior to that date. While the thoroughness of Apple’s app approval process is legendary, in this case, Google is crying foul.
“Some Google employees suspect that Apple is delaying the acceptance of the Google+ iPhone app in its virtual store, for some other reasons.”
One of these possible reasons include rumors Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt was working on Android OS while still an Apple employee. Still, Google+ is being advertised as a competitor to Facebook, so this news is a little bit surprising. Hopefully, Apple will get its act together soon and release the Google+ app. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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