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JailbreakMe Domain Up For Sale, But Comex Doesn't Actually Own It

JailbreakMe Domain Up For Sale, But Comex Doesn't Actually Own It

July 4, 2011
This weekend, it was revealed that the domain for JailbreakMe (that is, "") was up for sale via GoDaddy, which left many wondering whether @comex' online jailbreak solution was ever going to be released, following the PDF's leak earlier in the week. Now, @comex has acknowledged the sale via Twitter, claiming that he does not own the domain, and that he is not the person "who put it on GoDaddy." The news reached us earlier today, via the popular Italian Apple weblog, iSpazio. The tweet in-question hit the Web yesterday, and it read:
I don't actually own the domain and am not the one who put it on GoDaddy.
He then added, in reply to a Twitter follower:
@bubleeshaark Drudge owns it, but it's been pointed at my server and I've controlled the content since jailbreakme 2.0.
While offers for are currently cruising at around $2,500, the domain owner is under no obligation to sell the domain, and may keep it if they wish. The recent update from @comex is curious - we're not sure exactly what is suggests, though we are possibly inclined to believe that this may be an attention stunt, in order to further push JailbreakMe's expected relaunch into the limelight. Either that, or the domain really is up for sale. Recently, the PDF file JailbreakMe 3.0 relies upon was leaked online, allowing Apple fans to jailbreak their iPad 2 by simply opening the file in Safari for iOS. It is assumed that the file was leaked by one of JailbreakMe's beta testers: While the file did provide iPad 2 owners with a jailbreak solution (iOS 4.3 only, we think), the solution was buggy and did not always work. We're still waiting patiently for the final release of JailbreakMe. Hopefully, it isn't too far away. As always, we'll keep you posted - and feel free to share your excitement for the release of JailbreakMe 3.0 in the comments.

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