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LensFlare Updated: Adds Two New Flare Types - "SuperFlare" & "Transformers"

LensFlare Updated: Adds Two New Flare Types - "SuperFlare" & "Transformers"

July 11, 2011
LensFlare ($0.99) is an iPhone application that allows users to enhance photographs by adding lens flares. Recently, the application received an update (version 7.0) adding two new kinds of flares: "SuperFlare" and "Transformers." Besides adding lens flares to images, the application also allows users to resize, rotate and scale images, adjust the brightness of an image and even add a lens dust effect. Besides the recently added SuperFlare and Transformers, lens flares available in the application include:
  • Cinematic Style Anamorphic Lens
  • Natural Sunlight Flares
  • Subtle Glints
  • SLR Camera Lens Types
As mentioned, LensFlare is currently available to download in the App Store for $0.99, and the application is natively compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch. If you decide to take this app for a spin, be sure to post your thoughts in the comments. [via TiPb]

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