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Now Fully Compliant With Apple's Rules, Google Books App Returns

Now Fully Compliant With Apple's Rules, Google Books App Returns

July 25, 2011
The Google Books app is once again available in the App Store. And it is now fully compliant with Apple’s new subscription policy. It was just days ago we reported that the Google Books app was no longer available. At the time it was assumed either Apple or Google had pulled the app because it violated Apple’s new terms with regards to in-app purchases. The Google Books has now returned and no longer includes its “Get eBooks” link that allowed buyers to make e-book purchases via an external link. Since July 1, Apple has required developers use its payment system for in-app purchases. However, e-book app publishers have refused and instead have simply removed external “buy it” links from their apps. The Google Books update follows those earlier today for the Kindle and Nook Kids apps that also removed external links. The Kobo app become compliant on July 23rd. Apple has obviously forced e-book publishers to comply with its new rules, but has it won anything? After all, its original goal was to force publishers to use its system for in-app purchases, thereby giving the company 30 percent of each sale. With today's moves, that did not happen. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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