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Learn To Navigate A Mechanized World And Collect Power To Restore The Planet In Cordy

Learn To Navigate A Mechanized World And Collect Power To Restore The Planet In Cordy

July 28, 2011
Cordy by SilverTree Media icon

Cordy (Free) by SilverTree Media is a hugely entertaining 3D puzzle arcade-style game which involves a little robot running around collecting power to restore his world, which seems to have suffered a major power outage.

The game seems somewhat reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog, but brings its own style and gameplay with sharp and colorful graphics.

Cordy by SilverTree Media screenshot

You don’t have a gun to shoot and there’s nothing to kill, but it sure is fun to run this little guy around. He accelerates quickly, jumps, and pushes and pulls blocks to get around awkward spots.

The aim is get through each level as quickly as possible, but to do so you have to collect the correct items. There are two types of items to collect.

The first one is essential, and these are the yellow charges. Cordy stores this power which allows him to open the door to the end of the level. You must collect these to progress. The other type are the gray gears which help you work towards earning collection stars (just an achievement really so not as important).

The game is initially free, but that only gets you the first four levels. To access all 27 levels, you will have to purchase the full game from within the app. Doing so will give Cordy more abilities to play with like "SwingRings." Unfortunately, I can’t say too much about those as this review is based on the free version.

There is currently no option to make a full purchase from within the App Store. Additional features can be purchased for Cordy in-app including a new color or a new hat.

Cordy by SilverTree Media screenshot

The only possible downside is that each level seems rather short which is unfortunate for a game that encourages you to complete each level as quickly as possible.

More advanced levels may be longer and more challenging and I expect that replaying all the levels, especially to get all the achievements, will be just as fun. Nevertheless let’s hope Cordy becomes popular enough that the developers expand the game in future updates.

I am very enthusiastic about this game and had great fun playing the first few levels. I look forward to getting the full version and would strongly encourage everyone to give this game a try!

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