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Songify For iPhone: Effortlessly Turns Speech Into Song

Songify For iPhone: Effortlessly Turns Speech Into Song

July 21, 2011
You want to be a singer? Before applying to American Idol, X Factor et. al., take a look at Songify, because even if you can't sing, this iPhone app can help you out. Thanks to the app's clever technology, users simply have to speak into their iPhone and Songify will auto-tune away, and create a catchy track out of your speech. Clever, huh? It sure is. And what's more, the application is fun, too. While only a limited number of styles are available for free (the rest carry a $0.99 in-app price-tag), it is possible to have a lot of fun with the three built-in styles already available within Songify (my personal favorite is Deluge, by Khush). You can feed the app anything - a soliloquy from Shakespeare, a legal document or even the first fifty words in the dictionary - and Songify will create a music anthem out of what you've said. Once created, tracks can be saved or shared. Or you can delete what you've composed, and start all over again. If you're looking to fill a mindless half hour, take a look at Songify in the App Store now. It's currently available to download for free, and comes with three built-in styles. [via Gizmodo]

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