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Uploader+ For Facebook, Free For A Limited Time

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Uploader+ for facebook (Free) by Global Agent Inc is another app designed to upload your photos in a batch to Facebook, as well as video, but is it worth the download? The developer writes in the description that the app is only free for a limited time. So, I figured I’d better check it out now, so our readers could potentially get a gem while it’s still free.

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So, the app is easy to use, and works pretty much how you would expect. I did find a few surprises, some good, some not-so-good. The first nice thing is that the app is universal, so it works properly on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. Sad surprise - a banner ad. Fine for a free app, but they are going to charge for this? Ads in paid apps make users very unhappy.

Upon opening the app, you choose whether you want to add photos or video. Here was my next not-so-good finding -- you are limited to just three photos and one video per upload. Again, this is fine for a free app. But it’s a pretty severe limit if they plan to charge for this one. Anyway, after I put in my Facebook credentials and started choosing my pictures, I found a really cool feature - filters! You can rotate your photo, and/or add a pretty filter, like sepia, lomo, and other artsy choices. The filters are all previewed at the bottom of the screen (right on your own photo), thumbnail-sized. You can also add a name and/or description before uploading. And, you can determine which into folder to place your photos.

Once you’ve uploaded your photos/video, you can actually go to your Facebook home page from within the app, which was a nice little surprise. I wouldn’t use this in lieu of the Facebook app, but it’s nice to have the option not to have to leave the app in order to see if your photos uploaded properly.

Bottom line: the app works, it does what it says it will do. Uploader+ for facebook allows you to upload batches of photos. It lets you rotate photos before uploading. It has lovely filters you can add to your photos to boot. You can also upload video. But it has two disadvantages that make this feel like a free app, not a “paid app that you’re getting for free”, as they claim: banner ads and upload limits (three photos, one video). My guess would be that they are starting with this free app and will add a second, ad-free, unlimited upload app. But they SAY they are going to be charging $.99 for THIS one. Is this worth a download for free? Sure, if you often have a need to upload three photos at a time. But I wouldn’t pay $.99 for it in its current state.

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Uploader+ For Facebook, Free For A Limited Time

Uploader+ For Facebook, Free For A Limited Time