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Waze GPS And Traffic v2.4 Adds Text-To-Speech, Plus Other Guidance Enhancements

Waze GPS And Traffic v2.4 Adds Text-To-Speech, Plus Other Guidance Enhancements

July 27, 2011
Are you still looking for that perfect navigation app? If you haven't yet seen or decided against because a lack of certain necessary features, yesterday's update of the Waze GPS And Traffic may have you reconsidering it as one of your top apps. Waze GPS And Traffic v2.4 primarily adds the common text-to-speech capability, but also brings aboard some other great enhancements. Waze GPS And Traffic was already a true turn-by-turn navigation app, however, the inclusion of text-to-speech for U.S. and Canada users, coming to other regions shortly, will add an extra level of guidance to make your travel directions that much easier to follow. To help drivers recognize things more quickly, thereby making it a bit safer, Waze GPS And Traffic now features road shields and improved map graphics display, animated display of traffic direction, and animated display of top contributing wazers. The new automatic centering on map after panning will also assist in a safer commute by requiring a little less interaction by the driver. Current users may be interested in the maintenance side of the v2.4 update, which includes night mode settings saved if not in auto night mode, plus improved performance and lots of bug fixes Waze GPS And Traffic is a turn-by-turn navigation app unlike most others. Focusing less on points of interest and other lengthy trip details, Waze GPS And Traffic's potential targets your routine day-to-day commute routes. Over five millions users strong, Waze GPS And Traffic shares live roadway reports by drivers like you to help guide you in the best path possible. The typical trip to school or work may seem second nature to you by now, although, that doesn't mean the route won't ever change. Traffic accidents, road improvements and maintenance, and other unexpected incidents can turn a normal commute into unimaginable frustration. Waze GPS And Traffic allows every driver to come together and help their fellow traveler stay away from these annoying obstacles. This social interaction can help with more than just avoiding a traffic jam. Maybe just as or more annoying than having the highway become a temporary parking lot is a traffic law violation fine. Indeed, you shouldn't be exceeding the posted speed limit anyway, but some of us feel we're capable of handling it. Just like semi truck drivers collaborate using CB radios, you can use Waze GPS And Traffic to inform others of "speed traps" that law enforcement choose to set up on roadways with reported high numbers of speedsters. Waze GPS And Traffic is a universal app compatible with iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4 running iOS 3.0 or later, and available in the App Store as a free download. Comply with all traffic laws and make responsible decisions when using any devices while operating a motor vehicle.

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