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Facebook Rumored To Add Video Calling Functionality To Its New iOS Messaging App

Facebook Rumored To Add Video Calling Functionality To Its New iOS Messaging App

August 10, 2011
While we were just beginning to enjoy Facebook's new messenger app for iOS last night, 9to5mac was already taking it apart, and their efforts paid off. They came across some interesting details concerning what could be next for the app. Indeed, inside the app, Facebook has already included graphic files that might suggest an upcoming video calling functionality. The same details seem to be present in the Android app as well, so this is almost a sure thing. Facebook recently announced a deal with Skype, and the two services are getting closer than ever before, This will allow you to easily call your friends right from the social network, or access your updates while making your Sunday family calls. Supposedly, Facebook Messenger could be the way they'll be bringing this to iOS. Facebook makes for a great buddy list, and being able to easily video conference with any Facebook friend will be extremely popular. However, lately the number of video and calling services is exploding and quality is still hard to find. Hopefully, Skype's help will pay off. Yet, we're starting to feel like mobile video calls were really just a fad. Lastly, it seems like Facebook is slowly building a little history of hiding upcoming releases inside their apps. Recently, their upcoming iPad app was discovered hiding inside the iPhone version. Anyone left who still enjoys video calling on mobile? Let us know!

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