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Flickbooks Lets You Turn Your Videos Into Flipbooks

Flickbooks Lets You Turn Your Videos Into Flipbooks

August 30, 2011
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Flickbooks (Free) by Netcetera AG is a super cool app. Remember those animated flipbooks you made as a kid, by drawing a little character in the corner of a book, in a slightly different position, page after page? Then you would flip the pages and see your animation come to life? Well, now you can do that with your favorite video!

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Simply take a video, anywhere between six and fifteen seconds long. Upload it into the app, trim as desired. Give it a minute to process, then you can see your video, transformed into a series of photos, flipbook animation style! But don’t stop there -- you can design a simple cover: choose from about a dozen colors, and add a title. Now, you’re ready to order your flipbook! For about 13 Euros (including shipping, within Europe) or roughly 22 US Dollars for us here in America (shipping outside of Europe is two Euros more), you get a 50 page flipbook, about the size of an iPhone.

Before you order, you can preview your flipbook to make sure it looks the way you want. Unfortunately, you can't share the virtual version via email or social networks, which would be a fun touch. Still, the experience of creating the flipbook was both easy and fun. But how were the results?

Very cool. I admit, mine isn’t the greatest flipbook, but this is my own fault for not filming a better video. Much of the action was at the top of the frame (my dog’s head) near the book’s binding. Of course, as any flipbook animator knows, the action should be at the bottom of the page, away from the book’s binding.

The first video below is the movie I made of my dog “dancing” -- spinning in a circle on his hind legs. The second video shows me flipping the book that was created from this video.

So, while the Flickbook app is free, creating a book is rather expensive. It does do exactly what it says, so if you are willing to spend the money, you’ll certainly enjoy creating your very own flipbook.

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