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Many Are Willing To Give Up Toothbrushes, Chocolate, or Alcohol But Not Their iPhone

Many Are Willing To Give Up Toothbrushes, Chocolate, or Alcohol But Not Their iPhone

August 4, 2011
Apparently iPhone users care more about their phone than they do their breath. Telenav did a survey and found that 22 percent of 514 U.S. respondents would be willing to give up their toothbrush versus their smartphone. For iPhone users this number jumps to 40 percent! The survey also had several other interesting things people would be willing to give up. Granted, all theses luxuries and necessities were only for a week, but it is still apparent that smartphones rule our world. Some of the statistics include:
  • 68 percent of iPhone users and 65 percent of Android users would give up exercise for a week versus their phone.
  • 34 percent of iPhone users say they use their phone at the dinner table versus 21 percent of Android and 15 percent of BlackBerry users.
  • 55 percent of smartphone users are willing to give up caffeine, 70 percent would be willing to say no to alcohol and 63 percent could live without chocolate.
  • 43 percent of iPhone users would go without shoes.
  Another interesting tidbit from the Telenav survey was that 83 percent of iPhone users thought that other iPhone users would make the best romantic partners. However, the survey also revealed that 33 percent would give up sex and 28 percent would go without seeing their significant other for a week versus being without their iPhone. This makes for an interesting combination. As for other smartphone addicts, 70 percent of Android users say another Android user would make a great romantic partner, but only 48 percent of BlackBerry users do. Maybe a BlackBerry user needs an iPhone user in order to keep the relationship exciting! On that same theme, 66 percent of smartphone users say they sleep with their phone next to them. AppAdvice already covered this iPhone addiction last month. It’s fun to laugh at these silly, meaningless statistics and there is really no apparent benefit to this survey other than the sociological aspects of smartphone usage. In any case, it looks like iPhone users have the most bragging rights of all smartphone users in the survey, which goes to show how much we love our phones. A friend once said to me “I would give anything for an iPhone!” I guess many iPhone users might.