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Vent Your Frustration Through Vandalism In Crasher

Vent Your Frustration Through Vandalism In Crasher

August 10, 2011
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Crasher (Free) by D&D Dream Corp. is a physics arcade game where you throw rocks and other objects at windows to smash them up.

There is only one building to throw things at and it has three stories. To access the other floors, swipe a finger up and down the “side” of the screen. The game will make suggestions about which window to break next by highlighting it in yellow or using a blue arrow if the window is not visible on your current story.

Crasher by D&D Dream Corp. screenshot

To throw something, drag a finger from the bottom middle of the screen to where you want the object to land. You will have to take account of the wind. Near the bottom is a yellow circle with an arrow pointing to where the object will actually land due to the wind.

Your backpack can hold only eight objects varying from baseballs and bricks to wine bottles, each having their own energy and power. As you earn points, objects in your backpack will be replaced, but you will go through them pretty quickly regardless. Fortunately, you have access to an infinite number of rocks, which appear to be the bread and butter of vandalism.

After breaking every window, the game just resets on the same building.

The game is free, but covered with ads.

Crasher becomes boring rather quickly. It needs something more interesting to do added to its gameplay and definitely should have more than one building to destroy.

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